Shaver Lake Lions Club Membership Handbook

The following handbook, written by past President, Brain Clague, illustrates the history and depth of our club.
1. Brief history of the Club 2. Club Organization A: Officers and their roles B: Board of Directors and their roles C: Fundraisers and Committees 3. Club Schedule of meetings and meeting format 4. New Member expectations 5. Current Budget 6. Articles of Incorporation

1. History of the Origins of the Club

Lion Past President John Mount Remembers

The Shaver Lake Lions Club is the result of one man’s perseverance. In 1978 Bill Wintersteen began working very hard to start a Lions Club. The community was not receptive and he had to talk to each individual and twist arms to get them to commit to becoming charter members.

He was very persuasive and cajoled almost sixty men to help start the club. However, many of the original members only attended the charter dinner, which was a rousing affair.

Within two years there were fewer than twenty members and only a few were active. Some meetings had only five or six attending. At one meeting John Mount was by himself.

The original fundraiser was Christmas tree sales. SCE donated the trees and in fact did the most cutting, as the members were so few. Sales were generally small but did get the Club going in the right direction.

The first project of the club was the establishment of the park area at the community center. Another project, which was repeated annually, was the clean-up of the community center. The community center became the focal point of projects and donations. Many of the improvements were due to the Lions Club. This was before the Community Center became part of County District #41.

The annual pancake breakfast was established in the mid 80’s and was determined to be a “full breakfast” by Glen Artist who donated fruit to the club. He became the Chairperson for the event and remained in that position until John Sthol became Chair. (John has since “retired” as Pancake Breakfast Chair” after XXXXX years!)

A major incident for the Club occurred in the mid 80’s with a vote to include women as members. This was a difficult decision, as several members were against the change. Helen Grossman and Betsy Casillas were the first female members. Betsy became the first female President. Jean Smith also served as President in later years and they were the only female Presidents in Club history. The ‘famous’ quote which helped make the decision was, “If you want to get the work done, get a woman to do it”.

The most contentious subject, which took the most discussion time was cost of lunches. Members continually wanted to change locations because the price of lunch was going over $3.

Lion Past President Russ Westman Remembers

The period from 1991 through 1997 was a time of transition for the Shaver Lake Lions Club (SLLC). While the SLLC had survived the early formative years the membership was somewhat low with about 25 members including one from Big Creek. The Lion Presidents during this six year period were Betsy Casillas (91-92), Peter Ogle (92-93), Kurt Vaughn (93-94), Russ Westmann (94-95), Bob Ziegler (95-96) and Darla Wait (96-97). Darla was our third woman President.

From this point the membership steadily increased and interest and activities grew. Both lunch and dinner meetings were well attended and sometimes were quite spirited. As an example, at one Lion’s Christmas dinner a real Santa Claus (not a Lion) appeared quite unexpectedly, in Santa attire and with sleigh bells jingling, complete with presents consisting of Limericks for each member in the room. In the case of John Sthol it read:

John Sthol is our Lion Tail Twister,
So mean he would fine his own sister,
He said with a cruel grin,
‘She wasn’t wearing her pin’,
And with that he fined and kissed her

Once all the prepared Limericks were read, a number of rather naughty Lions (with aid of excessive egg nog) proceeded to craft their own Limericks and read them to a very receptive audience. You can imagine just how busy the Tail Twister was at that point.

Membership grew substantially during this period, thanks to the efforts of Lions like Membership Chair Tami Myers and the influx of Lady Lions. As a result the District 14 Governor visited the dinner meeting in September 1995 to present the SLLC with an award for being the outstanding Lions club in the District. It seems that while our membership had grown to 62, many of the other Lions clubs were shrinking.

At this point the SLLC was cutting and transporting all of its Christmas trees, and was selling trees seven days a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Examples of other activities undertaken include:

• Conducting a blood drive with a goal of 100 units.
• Setting up a beautification committee to plant flowers, hide propane tanks, remove junk cars, and start the tradition of Xmas lighting in downtown Shaver Lake.
• Continuing to make improvements to the baseball field.
• Accepting responsibility for managing the Winter Special Olympics. The SLLC has hosted this event since 1995 (Thank you Jerry and Jan Sandstrom and many others for your years of service on this worthwhile project).
• Transporting the discarded Pine Ridge School’s playground equipment and installing it near Lion’s Park. This rustic wooden equipment served until its recent replacement by modern and safer swings etc.
• Initiating a new fund raiser: the annual Crab Feed. Darla Wait and two other Lady Lions (collectively known as the ‘Three Blonde Bombshells’ who were?) started this highly profitable activity.
By 1997 the three fundraising events were prospering. Lion Tom Kepler’s stewardship of the Christmas Tree Sales resulted in increased revenue. The presale of discounted tickets for Lion John Sthol’s pancake breakfast increased the profitability of that event, and the Crab Feed dinner event was very popular and well attended, nearly always selling out.

This increase in funding permitted the SLLC to continue and expand its support of the community’s needs. At this point a major portion of the Lions Club annual donations were being made to:

Camp El-O-Win /GSA,
Camp Chawankee / BSA
Central Sierra Historical Society / Museum Project
Local student support and college scholarships

In summary, by the end of 1997 the Shaver Lake Lions Club had a strong and active membership, a stream of income from three well organized and profitable fund raisers, and an established pattern of significant community support, activities and service. Thus, the stage was set for the future and continued success of the Shaver Lake Lions Club.

2. Organization
A: Officers and their Roles

All officers and Board members are elected at the May meeting from both a slate proposed by the existing Board as a recommendation, and from floor nomination. They are installed at the June meeting, and are expected to serve at least one year. The Secretary and Treasurer are urged to serve for multiple years to provide continuity.

President: Service is generally for one year. The President is responsible for: (1) arranging for monthly dinner meetings held the first Thursday of each month, unless the date is changed, and for the conduct of the dinner meeting; (2) arranging for the monthly speaker; (3) arranging for the monthly Board of Director’s meeting the third Thursday of each month, including setting the agenda; (4) assisting the Chairpersons of the fund raising committees with any requests; (5) co-signing checks of the Club from either the General Fund or the Community Fund; (6) establishing the annual Budget for the Community Account upon the direction of the Board; (7) maintaining the SLLC lockers at the SL Community Center; (8) maintaining a liaison with the SL Community Center Managers and with the caterers.

Vice Presidents:
A. First VP, is responsible for learning the tasks of the President, preparing for his upcoming year and attending Board meetings.
B: Second and Third VPs: have the same responsibility as the First VP.

Treasurer: has the following duties:
(1) maintaining the financial records of the Club;
2) depositing receipts for club activities and dispersing funds as needed with all checks signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by one other officer;
(3) depositing funds to the Community Account from fundraisers and dispersing checks to charitable ends, as determined by the Board;
(4) keeping current on Lion’s International Dues requests;
(5) preparing reports of all the accounts for the Board’s monthly meetings and presenting the monthly bank statement for review;
(6) submitting statements to Lions International as required;
(7) assisting in preparation of statements to State and Federal regulators as required by law;
(8) assisting in preparation of the yearly budget; and
(9) having the books, accounts and club operations audited at least once a year;
(10) notifying members of renewal date and collecting annual dues.

Dues currently are $84 year (single) and $124 (family).
The Treasurer historically has served for several years to provide continuity.

Secretary: is responsible for:
(1) keeping a current roster of the club membership and making it available to all members;
(2) attending the monthly board meetings, taking minutes, and disseminating them to all members;
(3) preparing new member packets prior to the new member installation;
(4) registering new members with Lions International;
(5) notifying Lions International of any membership changes;
(6) sending all members notice of upcoming dinner meetings including speaker, menu choices and cost;
(7) sending out pancake breakfast tickets to each member to sell;
(8) responding to numerous requests and inquiries.

Service should ideally be for several years, to insure continuity.

Membership Chairperson: is a member of the Board. The chairperson
(1) keeps membership applications available and encourages members to bring in new members;
(2) ensures proper recruitment procedures;
(3) reports to the Board of Directors ways to reduce the loss of members;
(4) prepares and implements orientation sessions (not currently done).

Tail Twister: given the specific task of fining member Lions on the usual basis in a cheerful fashion. According to Lion’s International Bylaws, “Fines should not exceed “10 cents and no member shall be fined twice.” Tail Twister can be fined with unanimous approval of the members present. Fines are collected during the fine period and are placed in the General Fund Account.

Lion Tamer: has the function of greeting members at dinner meetings.

Badge Steward:
(1) maintains the Badge Box, bringing it to every meeting for Members’ use;
(2) notifies the Secretary when new badges are needed.

B: Board of Directors and their roles

Members of the Board of Directors are expected to attend the Board’s monthly meetings to assist in decision making and to keep the other Board members aware of important events in the community. In this regard, their chief duties are:
(1) authorize all expenditures;
(2) review the annual financial audit;
(3) appoint a bank for the deposit of club funds;
(4) appoint a surety for the bonding of any club officer, if requested of the Board;
(5) name and appoint club’s delegates to District and International conventions. Board membership is not restricted, but should be broadly reflective of the Club’s membership.

C: Fundraisers and Committees

Fundraising Committees: These are created by the Board and members as needed. Their purpose is to raise funds for Community projects. Currently there are three fundraisers and two additional committees.

Pancake Breakfast: held the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. A Chairperson(s) is responsible for:
(1) recruiting members for the setup of the hall the day before, for the service needs the day of the breakfast, and the take down afterward;
(2) ordering the items required for breakfast;
(3) reserving the Community center for the event, having the Announcement Banner placed weeks before the event and obtaining any food licenses as needed;
(4) having tickets printed and mailed to the members as required to purchase 6 tickets per member;
(5) having members to collect tickets at the door and accept cash for drop-ins;
(6) giving all proceeds to the Treasurer for accounting purposes.

Christmas Tree Cutting and Sales; trees are cut the week after Thanksgiving Holiday and as needed, and sold from a lot during the period leading up to Christmas. The Chairperson shall:
(1) select members to assist in tree cutting and in sales from the tree lot;
(2) collect sales income and present to the Treasurer for accounting; and
(3) arrange for closure and cleanup of sales center.

Crab Feed: held in February on a Saturday. Chairperson is responsible for:
(1) arranging for purchase of needed items for dinner;
(2) selecting date of event and scheduling with Community Center;
(3) recruiting members to assist in room setup the day before for meal preparation and service and after meal clean up;
(4) working with members in auction and raffle item solicitation and sales;
(5) overseeing income collection from ticket sales and raffle/auction sales and presenting accounting and monies to Treasurer at conclusion of the event.

Additional Committees:
Special Olympics; Held in February for the benefit of Special Olympics Organization of Fresno. The Chairperson, has traditionally been a club member who volunteers for the project. Recently this has been Mike and Barbara Hankins. Chairperson duties include:
(1) working with several organizations to accomplish the weekend event;
(2) recruiting club members in a variety of roles including meal preparation and inspection of donated cabins;
(3) handling the accounting of the event and reporting to the Board. Health Committee: hosts a yearly Health Fair in Prather in conjunction with Prather Lions, Auberry Rotary Club, and the Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, other service groups and medical personnel.

3. Club Schedule of Meetings and Meeting Format
Monthly meetings include a Board of Directors meeting and a Dinner Meeting.
The Board of Directors meets the third Thursday of the month at a site chosen by the Board. The meeting is open to all members of the SLLC. An agenda is prepared for each meeting and circulated to the Board the week prior to the meeting. Reports are heard from the Treasurer, and the Secretary, and all matters of planning and correspondence are covered. Current and future Club events are reviewed. All correspondence is addressed. All request for funds are addressed. Minutes of the meeting are prepared by the Secretary and sent to all members of the club on a timely basis.

Dinner Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at the Shaver Lake Community Center, unless arranged otherwise. (The Club does holds its August dinner at Camp Edison Group Picnic Grounds and is intended to encourage prospective members to attend. Other sites for dinners have been at China Peak and Humphrey Station, or at member’s homes.)

Dress at the meetings is casual. Preparation and setup are the responsibility of the President and members appointed by him. The Agenda usually includes a social hour with a no-host bar followed by the Flag Salute and Invocation, introduction of guests and speaker, announcements, and the meal. There is usually a guest speaker. Following the speaker, birthdays are noted, fines are issued and the raffle drawing is conducted. Closure usually includes closing comments and a joke or two. Members remain behind to assist in cleanup, table and chair replacement and bar closure.

4. New Member Expectations
New members are expected to become involved in the Clubs many activities, according to their interests. The most frequent events are our monthly dinners. While attendance is not mandatory in our Club, this is the best way to get to know members and hear about Club events. There are three fundraisers held during the year, also a Health Fair and Special Olympics event. New members are encouraged become involved. Most of the tasks are shared by the Club with small demands on any individual. One can become involved by signing up with an event Chairperson. Members wishing to get more involved are invited to attend the Board meetings and to volunteer for leadership roles.

Articles of Incorporation

The name of this organization shall be the Lions Club of Shaver Lake, California, chartered by and under the jurisdiction of the International Association of Lions Clubs.

The purposes of the club shall be:
(a) to create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world
(b) to promote the principles of good government and good citizenship
(c) to take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the community
(d) to unite the members in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding
(e) to provide a forum for the open discussion of all matters of public interest; provided, however, that partisan politics and sectarian religion shall not be debated by club members
(f) to encourage service minded people to serve their community without personal financial reward and to encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standards in commerce, industry, professionalism, public works, and private endeavors.

Shaver Lake Lions Club is a nonprofit organization and no member may profit therefrom. The property of the organization is irrevocably dedicated to social welfare purposes and no part of the net income or assets of this organization shall ever inure to the benefit of any director, officer or member thereof or to the benefit of any private person.

Section 1. ELIGIBILITY FOR CLUB MEMBERSHIP. Subject to the provisions of Article 1 of the by-laws, any person of legal majority and good moral character and good reputation in his/her community, may be granted membership in this Lions Club. Wherever the male gender or pronoun presently appear in this constitution and by-laws, it shall be interpreted to mean both male and female persons.
Section 2. MEMBERSHIP BY INVITATION. Membership in this Lions Club shall be acquired by invitation only. Nominations shall be made on forms provided by the international office, which shall be signed by a member in good standing who shall act as sponsor, and be submitted to the membership chairman or the club secretary, who, after investigation by the membership committee, shall submit the same to the board of directors. If approved by a majority of said board, the prospect may then be invited to become a member of this club.
Section 3. FORFEITURE OF MEMBERSHIP. Any member may be expelled from the club for cause by a two-thirds vote of the entire board of directors. Upon removal from this club, any and all right to use the name “LIONS” the emblem and other insignia of this club shall be forfeited. This club shall remove members whose conduct has been deemed a violation of the International Constitution and By-Laws and Board Policy and unbecoming a Lion by the international office or otherwise face charter cancellation.

Emblem, Colors, Slogan and Motto
Section 1. EMBLEM. The emblem of this Association shall be the Lions International emblem.
Section 2. USE OF NAME AND EMBLEM. Use of the name, good will, emblem and other logos of the association shall be according to the guidelines established from time to time in the by-laws.
Section 3. COLORS. The colors of this association and of each chartered club shall be purple and gold.
Section 4. SLOGAN. Its slogan shall be: Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nation’s Safety.
Section 5. MOTTO. Its motto shall be: We Serve.

The Club Constitution and By-Laws shall govern the club unless otherwise amended so as not to conflict with the district and International Constitution & By-Laws and policies of Lions Clubs International. Whenever there may exist a conflict or a contradiction between the provisions set out in the club constitution and by-laws and the district constitution and by-laws, the respective district constitution and by-laws shall govern. In addition, whenever there may exist a conflict or a contradiction between the provisions set out in the club constitution and by-laws and the constitution and by-laws or board policy, the international constitution and by-laws shall govern.

Club Size
A Lions Club should strive to maintain 20 members; the numerical minimum membership required to receive a charter.

Board of Directors
Section 1. OFFICERS. The officers of this club shall be a president, immediate past president, the vice president(s), secretary, treasurer, Lion tamer (optional), tail twister (optional), membership director and all other elected directors.
Section 2. QUORUM. The presence in person of a majority of the directors shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the board of directors. Except as otherwise specifically provided, the act of a majority of the directors present at any meeting of the board shall be the act and decision of the entire board of directors.
Section 3. DUTIES AND POWERS. In addition to those duties and powers, express and implied, set forth elsewhere in this constitution and by-laws, the board of directors shall have the following duties and powers:
(a) It shall constitute the executive board of this club and be responsible for the execution, through the club officers, of the policies approved by the club. All new business and policy of this club shall be considered and shaped, first, by the board of directors for presentation to and approval by the club members at a regular or special club meeting.
(b) It shall authorize all expenditures and shall not create any indebtedness beyond the current income of the club, nor authorize disbursal of club funds for purposes inconsistent with the business an policy authorized by the club membership.
(c) It shall have the power to modify, override or rescind the action of any officer of this club.
(d) It shall have the books, accounts and operations of this club audited annually or, in its discretion, more frequently and may require an accounting or have an audit made of the handling of club funds by an officer committee or member of this club. Any member of this club in good standing may inspect any such audit or accounting upon request at a reasonable time and place.
(e) It shall appoint, upon recommendation of the finance committee, a bank or banks for the deposit of funds of this club.
(f) It shall appoint the surety for the bonding of any officer of this club.
(g) It shall not authorize, nor permit, the expenditure, for any administrative purpose, of the net income of projects or activities of this club by which funds are raised from the public.
(h) It shall submit all new matters of business and policy to the respective standing or special club committee for study and recommendation to the board.
(i) It shall maintain at least two (2) separate funds governed by generally accepted accounting practices. The first fund to record administrative monies such as dues, tail twisting fines and other internally raised club funds. A second shall be established to record activity or public funds raised by asking support from the public. Disbursement from such funds shall be in strict compliance with Section (g) of this article.

Club Funds
Section 1. PUBLIC (ACTIVITY) FUNDS. All funds raised from the public must be returned to public use, including money accumulated from invested public funds. The only deductions that may be made from the activity account are the direct operating expenses of the fundraising activity. Money accumulated from interest must also be returned to the public.
Section 2. ADMINISTRATIVE FUNDS. Administrative funds are supported through contributions from members through dues, fines and other individual contributions.

Section 1. AMENDING PROCEDURE. This constitution may be amended at any regular or special meeting of this club at which a quorum is present, by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present in person and voting, provided the board has previously considered the merits of the amendments.
Section 2. NOTICE. No amendment shall be put to vote, unless written notice, stating the proposed amendment shall have been published to the members through the regular post or electronic means, or delivered personally to each member of this club at least fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the meeting at which the vote on the proposed amendment is to be taken.

Upon the dissolution of winding up of the organization, all assets remaining after payment or provision for payment, of all debts and liabilities of this organization shall be distributed to a nonprofit fund, foundation or corporation which is organized and operated exclusively for social welfare purposes and which has established its tax exempt status under Section 501 (c) 4 of the Internal Revenue Code.